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Medical Aid from R1,550 p/m

Health Insurance from R380 p/m

  • Medical Aid: Choose between hospital plan or comprehensive cover.
  • Health Insurance: Covers private hospital admission and certain day-to-day doctor’s fees.
  • Pays for maternity benefits and childbirth in private hospitals
  • Medical aid covers newborns upon birth
  • Health insurance will cover babies under family cover
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Frequent Asked Questions

Does medical aid pay for pregnancy and childbirth?

Yes. All medical aids in South Africa pay for childbirth costs but only a full/comprehensive medical aid with day-to-day benefits will pay for the out-of-hospital pregnancy costs. Read more about maternity benefits for pregnancy and childbirth.

Can a woman who is currently pregnant join a medical aid?

Yes. A person of any age and health status can join a medical scheme. However, a pre-existing condition, be it pregnancy or disease, will not be covered for a 12 month waiting period. Read more about medical aid for already pregnant women.

Are non-medical aid mothers allowed to deliver in a private hospital?

Yes. A private hospital will accept a patient who does not have medical aid provided that they have the financial ability to afford the services. For childbirth it is mandatory to book a bed in the maternity ward mid-way through the pregnancy and settle the fees upfront should a woman not have medical aid. Read more on private hospital care for mothers without medical aid.

Am I allowed to quit the medical aid after pregnancy?

Yes. Any member can leave a medical when they wish provided that the submit appropriate notification to the scheme. It is illegal or fraudulent to do so. Medical schemes are well aware of this trend and for this reason there are waiting periods imposed for maternity benefits. Read more on terminating medical aid after pregnancy.

Is there a waiting period for pregnancy?

Yes. All medical aids apply a waiting period for pre-existing conditions. Pregnancy is a medical condition as well, even though it is not a disease. Since many women do not disclose their pregnancy at the time of joining since it is in the early stages, pregnancy and childbirth before 12 months of membership will not be covered. Read more on waiting period for pregnancy.

Will baby be covered at birth?

Yes. Medical aids will automatically cover newborns from the time of birth if the mother is on a medical aid with no waiting periods in place. The scheme has to be notified of baby’s birth within the 30 days (some schemes offer a longer grace period) and the main member has to start paying for baby’s cover. Read more on newborn cover on medical aid.